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    Spa Gift Cards

    Who doesn’t like to receive a gift card on a special occasion or “just because”?

    What better gift than a Sacred Willow Spa card entitling the recipient to a restful, wellness treatment with one of our professional and caring Service provider. Everyone deserves a day or more to know they are appreciated. When you give a Sacred Willow Spa gift card you can be assured that we will pamper your recipient and it will be a stress free, enjoyable experience.

    For our local or visiting clients who wish to purchase a Gift Card on site we will gift wrap your purchase. This is especially nice for “last minute” purchases or for those who are challenged by wrapping a present.

    In the situation where you are not in the local area but you wish to purchase a Gift Card for someone in the Calabash area or who will be visiting the general area we will mail the card expeditiously with a personalized card from you to the recipient. Of course, we will also send you a receipt via regular USPS or to your email upon request.

    To purchase a Sacred Willow Spa Gift Card please contact us at (910) 575-7707.